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Chancenkarte.com is an independent information portal. We aim to help you come to Germany, find a job and stay here. We are not government-funded and want to stay that way – fast and agile to serve your needs. Every day tens of thousands of people from all over the world are using our portal to obtain the most recent tips and tricks around the Chancenkarte.

The shortage of skilled workers is one of the greatest challenges facing the German economy. Qualified skilled workers are hard to find in many sectors. Demographic change will further exacerbate the situation.

With the Chancenkarte, the Federal Government is creating a new possibility for the immigration of skilled workers from outside Europe, even without the lengthy recognition processes that have been customary up to now. Despite the considerable legal simplifications, the path into the German labour market remains arduous.

We have made it our task to open up the potential of the opportunity card for as many employers and skilled workers as possible. With us, employers and skilled workers find each other. We want to share our expertise in order to make immigration easier for as many skilled workers as possible and to give companies access to urgently needed workers. This is how opportunity becomes lasting success.

Shortage of skilled workers in Germany

The German Federal Employment Agency states that there is currently a shortage of workers in occupations not requiring a university degree in Germany. About 1.3 million jobs in this sector were left unfilled in 2021. Occupations such as care workers, construction workers, electricians and mechatronics engineers are particularly affected.

In the coming years, experts predict that the shortage of skilled workers in Germany will become even more acute. By 2030, the working-age population is expected to have declined by about 6.5 million people. The baby boomer generation in particular, who will retire in the next few years, are set to play an important role. Since many workers in this generation are employed in jobs that do not require a university degree, their departure from the labour market will further increase the shortage of workers in these fields. 

Different measures are necessary to address the shortage of skilled workers in these professions. These include promoting education and training as well as increasing the attractiveness of these professions through better pay and working conditions.

Another way to alleviate the shortage of skilled labour is through the managed immigration of skilled workers. Foreign skilled workers can help to reduce the shortage of workers in certain occupations and therefore meet the demand for qualified workers.

Many countries already have programs that target recruitment of skilled workers from abroad. In this context, foreign skilled workers can be integrated more quickly in the labour market thanks to a simplified admission procedure.

Foreign skilled workers can also contribute to strengthening the innovative power and competitiveness of the German economy. Thanks to their diverse cultural backgrounds and experience, they can add new ideas and perspectives and promote the success of businesses and industries. By introducing the Opportunity Card as part of the Skilled Immigration Act, Germany also wants to make greater use of the potential of foreign skilled workers.

In summary, the controlled immigration of qualified skilled workers can play an important role in overcoming the shortage of skilled workers in Germany. Chancenkarte GmbH aims to simplify the processing of opportunities offered by the Opportunity Card for employers and foreign skilled workers alike.


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